What does a session with a Dietitian usually involve?

An initial consultation will typically involve the following:

  • Your child will be weighed and, where possible, their height may be checked as well.
  • You will be asked to outline your child’s usual intake. It can sometimes be hard to recall this on the spot so bringing a 3 day food diary (including one weekend day) can be helpful.
  • Once an analysis is undertaken on the adequacy of your child’s intake, a management plan will be discussed to ensure optimum intake for your child.

It is usually necessary to review your child’s progress regularly. The frequency of these reviews will depend on their specific issues and their progress.

A letter will be sent to your GP or referring practitioner to ensure they are updated with the management plan agreed upon during your consultation.

Initial appointments take ~ 45-60 minutes and Review appointments require ~ 30 minutes. If you feel that you have many issues to discuss in a review appointment, please let reception know so that they can book you in for an extended review.