Our specialists are available by appointment via online consultations.

How does it work?

A referral from your GP or specialist is required as per usual practice. The referral should ideally state “Request for Telehealth” on it. Alternately, at the time your appointment is being made you can enquire about this possibility. Please note, not all referrals are suitable for telehealth.

Two types of consultations are available: an online consultation from doctor’s clinic, or, an online consultation directly from patient’s home if reliable high speed internet or 3G/4G connection is available.

After a referral has been received, the patient and/or referring doctor’s clinic will be contacted and offered an appointment time.

Paediatric Gastroenterology Victoria is using the free web-based program Skype for telehealth at present (Skype account name: pgvtelehealth). Patients must also have a Skype account.

Once an appointment time has been made, an email confirmation will be sent. Then instead of seeing you in the clinic…we will see you on-line!

What equipment is needed?

  • A computer/smartphone or tablet with an attached or inbuilt web camera
  • A reliable internet connection/3G/4G
  • An attached or inbuilt microphone (ideally, but if not the telephone can be used instead)
  • Skype account

What is the cost of telehealth appointments?

The telehealth consultation costs are the same as in-person consultation costs.

Payment details (ie. credit/debit card) may be required to be collected prior to  your Telehealth appointment.

In some cases, telehealth may be able to be bulk billed but this depends on your doctor and also your residential postcode eligibility for medicare reimbursement. See doctorconnect.gov.au.