We welcome new patients and continually aim to provide high quality, timely appointments for our patients.

You can fax or email referrals to 03 8888 9944 or admin@paediatricgastro.com.au and you will be promptly contacted as soon as possible with available appointment times. Please make sure you have a contact phone number on the referral so we can reach you. You can also explore the referrals page of our website.

Referrals are required for medical appointments in order to make you eligible for Medicare reimbursement. Private health insurance does not make co-payment for out-patient clinic appointments (private health insurance only affects in-hospital services).

Allied health professionals do not require a referral, however, you may qualify for a Care Plan from you GP which entitles you to a Medicare reimbursement. Otherwise you can claim your visit through private health insurance.

Before your attend your first appointment please fill out the patient information form.

Enhanced Primary Care Plan ((EPC Plan) previously named Chronic Disease Management Plan). The EPC Plan provides clients with 5 allied health sessions per calendar year. This plan is issued by your GP. To be eligible for this plan a child’s medical condition needs to be considered chronic, meaning it has been present for at least 6 months or is likely to be or be terminal. This plan provides a rebate of $54.60 per session.

Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) – Item no. 80125 – under 50 minutes; 80135 – 50+ mins clinic session; 80140 – 50+ mins outside clinic; 80145 – group session. The Mental Health Care Plan provides clients with 10 individual allied health sessions. In addition to this clients are entitled to 10 group allied health sessions. After 6 sessions the allied health professional is required to request the additional 4 sessions from the referring GP, Paediatrician or Psychiatrist and you will need to attend an appointment with them to complete a review and receive the additional sessions. The benefit for a 1 hour individual clinic session is $77.10. If individual sessions are outside the clinic for 1 hour the benefit amount is $99.40. Group session rebates are $19.60

The Follow up Allied Health Services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent is available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent with 5 additional individual Allied Health Services per calendar year. This plan is not affected by accessing the  A referral from your GP or Paediatrician is required to access this plan. The rebate is $54.60 for this plan.

Please note you can only claim Medicare rebates or Private Health, you cannot claim both for the same session.

All rebate amounts listed were up to date as of January 2021. Please contact Medicare directly to gain further information in regards to rebates provided.