History of Gut Focused Hynotherapy?

In the early 1980′s, a Professor of Gastroenterelogy, Prof Peter Whorwell of South Manchester UK was finding that conventional medical treatment was not helping his patients with IBS. At the time, he had an interest in hypnotherapy and thought to apply it to help his patients relax more. What he found however surprised him. He found that his patients improved. This resulted in Prof Whorwell undertaking research trials to confirm his findings. The results initial results demonstrated a 70% improvement in reducing IBS patients symptoms. This led to research publications and further studies exploring colonic and non colonic symptoms, quality of life, and anxiety and depression. He found that not only does hypnotherapy improve colonic symptoms, but also improves associated anxiety and depression and overall quality of life. These improvements were followed for five years and found to be maintained at approximately the same level on completion of the treatment.